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Toniann Astuto

Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Artist, and Writer


Welcome to my world of intuitive healing, where I empower women to embrace their true essence and rediscover their inner goddess. As an intuitive healer, writer, and artist, I combine my passions to create a transformative journey for those seeking self-discovery and empowerment.

Through energy healing, I harness the power of universal energies to facilitate healing and balance on a holistic level. Crystals, with their unique vibrations, serve as allies in this process, amplifying intentions and aiding in emotional and spiritual growth. Channeling divine guidance, I provide insights and messages that illuminate the path toward self-awareness and personal transformation.

Drawing upon the ancient wisdom of card reading, I offer intuitive readings that guide and inspire, revealing the hidden truths within. With my words as my paintbrush, I craft written pieces that resonate with the soul, touching upon themes of self-love, empowerment, and spiritual evolution.

Join me on this magical journey of self-discovery, where we'll unlock the power within, connect with our authentic selves, and embrace the divine goddess energy that resides in every woman. Together, let's awaken your true potential and radiate your inner light. 🌟✨


Reclaiming Your Inner Goddess:  How to Reclaim Your Life

Are you ready to step into your power and reclaim your life? Join us for a transformative six-week journey to reconnect with your inner goddess and unlock your true potential. 

This transformative program is designed specifically for women who have experienced a loss of self-identity due to years of prioritizing others over themselves. This program aims to guide women on a journey of rediscovery, helping them break free from societal norms and expectations that may have hindered their personal growth.

The program acknowledges the need for women to reconnect with their authentic selves and reignite their passion for life. It recognizes that within every woman lies a wellspring of creativity and magic that may have been suppressed or forgotten. By providing tools, resources, and a supportive community, Reclaiming the Goddess Within empowers women to prioritize their own well-being and cultivate a renewed enthusiasm for life.

This on-line program includes 6 weeks of recording course modules and 6 live virtual coaching sessions, as well as access to a private Facebook group. You will be given unlimited access to this course.

Mystic Mag Interview

I had the honor of being interviewed and featured in Mystic Mag, an online magazine.

Here's the link:

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