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November 2023 Monthly Blog

November marks the turn of the wheel that draws us inward toward contemplation and reflection on our journey. As we prepare for the growing darkness in the natural world, we are being asked to reflect on the shadows/darkness within. This is the time of the year ruled by the Dark Goddess or Crone. She asks us to examine our lives and to take stock of what we have and what we can let go off. She is the keeper of the realm between worlds, as such, now is also the time to work on strengthening our relationship with our spirit guides and ancestors. They are there to support us on our path if we ask. November and December mark the time of rest, the Old God has passed and sleeps along with the trees, plants, and many animals, awaiting the promised rebirth to come.

This energy is counterbalance to the mainstream holiday season which can be a very stressful and financially difficult time for many. For most of us this season is filled with events, family gatherings, and ever increasing "to do" lists which is why we often feel depleted by the time January arrives. While it may not be possible to completely avoid these trappings (nor may you want to), make sure to take some time for yourself. Take advantage of the longer nights to rest, journal, and dream about what you want to create moving forward into the year ahead.

The growing darkness can trigger depression in some people. I sometimes feel that way myself after the last of the holiday decorations come down and all that is left is the long, cold month of January. But we need to remind ourselves that there is beauty to be found in every season and every moment if we allow ourselves to see it. Be open, be present. There are so many unexpected joys that can be overlooked in the hustle of our daily lives. And, if you miss those moments, savor the ones you can create yourself - drinking a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows, reading a good book while cuddled up under a fleece blanket, wearing cozy sweaters that feel like a hug, or taking a walk in the crisp fall air feeling your cheeks tingle.

I will be updated my website store in the weeks to come. Please consider buying from small businesses when possible; it makes more of a difference than you know. Gift cards will also be available for card readings and healing sessions. In the months ahead I will be expanding my business and my offerings, so expect to start hearing from me more often. Until then, I wish you all the blessings of this season.

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