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Blessed Samhain

November marks the turn of the wheel that draws us inward toward contemplation and reflection on our journey. As we prepare for the growing darkness in the natural world, we are being asked to reflect on the shadows/darkness within. This is the time of the year ruled by the Dark Goddess or Crone. She asks us to examine our lives and to take stock of what we have and what we can let go off. She is the keeper of the realm between worlds, as such, now is also the time to work on strengthening our relationship with our spirit guides and ancestors. They are there to support us on our path, if we ask. November and December mark the time of rest, the Old God has passed and sleeps along with the trees, plants, and many animals, awaiting the promised rebirth to come.

The month of November starts with Samhain, which is observed from sunset on October 31st to sunset on November 1st. It is the celebration that is the origin of Halloween. Samhain was first observed by Celtic Pagans. It marked the New Year, the end of summer, and the end of the harvest season. When Christianity became the dominant religion throughout Europe, Samhain took on Christian names and guises. All Saints' Day or All Hallows on November 1 commemorated Christian saints and martyrs. All Souls' Day on November 2 was a remembrance for all souls of the dead. Halloween, short for All Hallow's Eve, is celebrated on and around October 31. Although occurring at the same time of year and having roots in end-of-harvest celebrations of the ancient past, Halloween and Samhain are not the same.

Samhain's long association with death and the Dead reflects nature's rhythms. In many places, Samhain coincides with the end of the growing season. At Samhain, the veil is thin between the world of the living and the realm of the Dead. For those who have lost loved ones in the past year, Samhain rituals can be an opportunity to bring closure to gr

I also wanted to take this time to announce the arrival of my newsletter The Wheel of the Year which can be accessed through Substack (just click the button below to check it out). This newsletter originally started life as a Facebook group. This is a paid subscription program ($5/monthly or $50/yearly); to preview it for free use the code "Welcome Gift."

I am very passionate about holistic health and living an eco-friendly lifestyle. As a healer and a spiritual person, I feel a deep connection to the Earth. She is our mother and holds within her powerful wisdom. So many things about the modern world have led us to lose our connection to her and the natural world around us. So, my goal with this newsletter is to help us live in harmony with the flow of nature. There is profound peace and healing to be found there.

Blessings to all in the month ahead. May the abundance of the season be yours. So be it.

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