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The Month Ahead

Where I Am

Next month, February, is my birthday month. I am not one of those people who celebrate their birthday for the whole month or even the whole week. I love parties but when they are for someone or something else besides myself. So, I prefer to spend my birthday with my close family having a nice dinner and cake at home (as long as I don't have to cook). I see my birthday as a time of reflection. What did the last year bring? How am I different? What did I learn? What do I want more of and what do I want less of? It's a time for me to take stock of the direction my life is going in and re-evaluate where my energy is being spent (or wasted).

With that in mind, I have decided to shift some things in my personal life and my business. Going forward, I want my life to be more about experiences and relationships than physical things. I am trying to simplify and streamline my life and spending so that I have more time to enjoy the present moment. In terms of my business, I have decided to move away from coaching, both 1:1 and programs (even though that is where the money is). Instead, I am going to focus on my healing practice and running occasional teaching workshops/study groups. FYI- I plan to lead a study group on Runes in April; I will be sharing more information about that as the time gets closer.

My writing and art, to me, are personal. I don't foresee getting rich off either, but that's not my motivation. Indulging in both gives me a chance to express myself in a variety of ways and to transmute my experiences so that others can understand and, hopefully, find something of value in. Indulging is perhaps the wrong word to use here because it implies that the act of creating for me is a luxury, but it is not. Writing and art are a necessity. They are what I need to do to. I forget who said that all creative endeavors are expressions of the soul. Whoever they were, they were right.

In February, we also celebrate Imbolc which marks the transition from Winter to Spring. It is a time of renewal - the Sun King is reborn and the Goddess is transformed from the Crone to the Maiden once again. The wheel turns and with it the natural world re-awakens. It is a time of renewal and possibility. Take the time to ask yourself, what seeds to you want to plant this year? What do you hope to reap more of? Who do you want to be? I would love to here where everyone else is on their journey.

What I am Doing

As is often the case, I am involved in way too many projects at once. But I am working on reigning myself in. I am aware that my squirrelly mind can move me from one thing to the next, leaving a list of unfinished tasks behind. In the hopes that by writing it here I will be forced to keep myself accountable, below is a list of projects/courses that I am currently involved in.

1. Twice a month, I will be presenting my jewelry, artwork, roller ball blends, and other assorted items for sale in the Facebook group Crystal and Metaphysical Marketplace ( Many of my items are also for sale through Facebook Marketplace as well. The roller ball blends can be purchased through the website. I am currently working on creating witchy themed journals and stationery to add to my inventory.

2. The Wheel of the Year, my monthly newsletter, is available through Substack ( This newsletter is proving to be a massive undertaking. Each month's issue includes the monthly moon phases, calendar of holidays, list of seasonal foods with accompanying recipes, and more. The February edition includes a link to my e-book on essential oils and how to use them to create a toxin free home. This is a paid subscription - it costs $5/monthly or $50 yearly. Use the code "Welcome Gift" to get the first month free!

3. I am also working on my other writing: poetry, short stories, and personal reflections. These writings can be accessed for free through Substack (

4. As mentioned above, I will be running a workshop on Runes. This probably start in April, but I will be providing more information on this as we get closer to the date. This will be a paid workshop that I will be facilitating through the New Earth Mystics society that I am a part of. This is an amazing community of people and we have been doing life changing work together. We recently finished an Archangel intensive and will be working through The Artist's Way course together. Plus, we have an ongoing program that revolves around A Course in Miracles as well as deep dive meditations on crystals, plant medicine, and more. I suggest you check them out. Membership ranges from free to a multi-tiered payment level depending on how much you want to be involved in ( You will not have to join the New Earth Mystics to participate in my Rune workshop, however.

5. I am continuing to offer virtual and in person card readings and healing sessions. This will always remain the core of my work. You can book an appointment with me through the website. You can also book a free discovery call with me if you have any questions about my offerings.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading this blog. Thank you for sharing this journey with me. May this new year be filled with magic and blessings!

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