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Welcome Fall!

This month I decided to run a free group on FaceBook called Fall In Love with Essential Oils ( I figured why not blend two of my favorite things together, the fall season and essential oils.

My first foray into the health and wellness world was through supplements and herbs. I had been suffering for years with chronic back and joint pain and for decades with digestive issues (IBS, GERD, ulcers, irregularity, the list could go on). At the advice of a holistic doctor, I tried DoTerra's Life Long Vitality vitamins. These were the first multivitamins that I had been able to find that I could take without a problem. Soon after I decided to become a DoTerra member. As part of my membership kit, I received a bunch of essential oils that I had no idea what to do with. The kit also came with a diffuser so that's where I began. I soon discovered that diffusing certain essential oils helped me sleep better at night, while others helped me focus more during the day.

Well, if they could do that, what else could they do? I decided to research each of the oils that I received and how they could be used which led me down a rabbit hole that I eventually emerged from as a Certified Essential Oils Specialist. My research led me to a broader use of essential oils beyond the standard aromatic approach. I began to experiment with using different essential oils topically and internally. *PSA: Not all essential oils are safe for topical and internal use. You should research the brand that you have first since many of the essential oils sold in stores are meant only for diffusing. There are also essential oils that are never meant to be taken internally no matter what the brand. If there isn't any supplemental information on the side of the bottle, do not take the oil internally.

After months of trying out different single and blends of essential oils, I came up a regimen that helped to relieve both my chronic pain and digestive issues. Essential oils are now part of my daily health routine. I have a collection of oils that I keep in almost every room of the house. I also was able to create a natural medicine cabinet that has become my go to before resorting to OTC or prescription medication. I even have a small "to go" bag of oils that I carry at all times.

Essential oils have allowed me to improve my health and create a toxin free home. I make many of my own all natural cleaning and bath and body products. They are easy to make, cheap, effective, and, best of all, chemical free! I created an e-book "Essential Oils: Creating a Healthy Life Naturally" which contains a brief overview of essential oils, how best to use them, and a variety of recipes for everything from diffuser blends to salt scrubs. This e-book will be my FREE gift to you for subscribing to my website! I want you to fall in love with essential oils just as I have and discover all of the things that they can do for you.

If you are interested in becoming a Doterra member, you can check out my store at Membership for the month of September is free! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions that you might have. Bles

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