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Welcome October!

The last four months of the year are my favorite. I love the Fall season and all it brings with it: oversized sweaters, fluffy socks, cuddling under fleece blankets, the smell in the air, the crunch of the fallen leaves under my feet, early evenings, and pumpkin everything.

For me this time also marks the beginning of a new year. Even though I haven't taught in more than 20 years, September still feels like the start of something new. In the ancient Celtic calendar, Samhain was considered their New Year’s Day. It was the last of the harvest festivals (Lammas and Mabon being the first two) and a time to reflect on what was sown and reaped, to show gratitude for all that was given, and prepare for the introspection that the growing nights afford.

This past year has been a difficult one for me personally. I have had to take a step back from my business and creative pursuits due to family issues. It was a year that brought so many changes that it left me trying to regain my footing. But is has also been a time that has given me the opportunity to re-evaluate what and who in my life is most important. It has helped me learn how to stand firm in my sacred "No", to set my boundaries, and to recommit to the practices in my life that hold the most value to me.

Moving forward, I have so many ideas and plans that it's almost overwhelming. I recently redid my website to create space for all of these new projects to be housed. I will be launching a series of e-books and e-courses on a variety of holistic health and spiritual practices. I will also be participating in NaNoWriMo for the first time this November! My goal is to have the first draft of my children's book about the Wheel of the Year complete. Don't ask me how I am going to publish it; I am not there yet. But I do plan on submitting a proposal to Hay House.

As always, I will still be offering card readings and healing sessions, both virtually and in person. I have been offering both at the rare live events that I participate in. The next one will be October 21 at Cottage Row at Snug Harbor Cultural Center. Those of you who are local are familiar with this beautiful place, I'm sure. I am also looking to host in person women's circles and am in the process of looking for a suitable place. If you have any suggestions, message me or leave a comment.

Lastly, I have been working on my Halloween cards to send out to all who requested one. I have been toying around with the idea of creating pagan greeting cards. I am going to have to do some market research to see if there would be any interest before I start that undertaking. Once all of the fall cards and crafts are complete, it's on to the Christmas/Winter season!

I hope that you take the time to enjoy the abundance of this time of year. There is so much beauty in this season and so many simple joys to revel in. It's the small moments that can turn the mundane into the magical. Be present. Be thankful. Show gratitude to our Mother Earth for all that she has given us and to the Divine who forever holds us in their embrace.

Blessings, Toniann

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