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Welcome Spring!

Even though March is technically the beginning of Spring, it never feels that way here in New York. In fact, we seem to skip the season all together anymore. The weather just goes from cold and rainy to hot sometime in early June. I remember the Easters of my childhood filled with fresh flowers and new dresses. That hasn't been the case in many years, decades even. Even though it might not feel like it, there are still subtle signs that the warmer weather will arrive - birds return to nest, buds form on my Dogwood trees, and the rabbits reappear.

Just like the natural world, I too feel like I am coming out of hibernation. I start to plan more outings and spend more time outside (even if it still requires coats and scarves). I also spend time de-cluttering, re-arranging, and deep cleaning my home. For me, this clearing out of the old serves both a physical and spiritual purpose; I am releasing all that no longer has purpose or adds value to my life and open space for new energy and abundance to flow in. This yearly shedding of layers has become part of the flow of my routine and my way of honoring the turn of the wheel.

Spring is also a time to start new projects. Starting March 20, I will be opening my new subscription program Journaling to Heal. Ever since I read The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron more than 20 years ago, I have been journaling on and off. These past few years since the pandemic and lockdown it is a process that I have recommitted to and have found enormous solace and inspiration in. Part of my own journaling practice includes a daily card pull, Tarot or Oracle cards, and my musings on what that card means to me. Journaling to Heal will include access to a private Facebook group where I will post daily card pulls and journaling prompts. It will also include weekly live card readings for members and bi-weekly meetups to discuss what we have learned or are processing.

Why do I think this is important? I believe that the cards tap into our unconscious minds and bring to light issues or situations that we might have been avoiding. Through journaling we can tap into the underlying lesson or message the cards are pointing to, then process and release all the muck that may have been hiding beneath the surface - the thoughts, emotions, or beliefs that have been holding us back and keeping us stuck. Using the cards as writing prompts can also lead us down some interesting paths not only for our healing journey but our creative one. Several of my poems were inspired by my use of cards.

So, if you are ready to take a deep dive into journaling and the use of cards to create a daily spiritual and creative practice, this subscription program is for you. The cost is $11 a month or $99 a year. I have deliberately kept it affordable because I know how effective this process can be in helping you heal and transform your life. Feel free to message me with any questions that you might have. I wish you blessings for this month ahead!

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